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Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians share skepticism over new antitrust push

The proposals from Representatives on the House Judiciary Committee are designed to radically undermine America’s antitrust foundation: the consumer welfare standard.

“If passed into law, these bills will result in higher prices, fewer choices, and less innovation for Americans,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “While President Biden works to advance America’s economic interests at the G-7, these bills would kneecap leading American businesses, fossilize American innovation, and undermine America’s global competitiveness.”

“At the same time Congress is looking to boost American innovation and cybersecurity, lawmakers should not pass legislation that would cede ground to foreign competitors and open up American data to dangerous and untrustworthy actors,” continued Szabo.

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Conservatives and libertarians across America are rightfully calling these bills out.

Even Sen. Lee in his introduction of the TEAM Act came out against the House Judiciary bills

“Now, I am aware our House colleagues just recently introduced several bills intended to fight anticompetitive conduct by Big Tech. Those bills don’t go far enough.

America is facing a panoply of competition concerns not just in Big Tech, but across our entire economy. We need a holistic approach that benefits all consumers, in every industry. We need to deal with all the monopolists hurting competition.

Even worse, the House bills not only have too small of a target, they use too big of a sledgehammer to hit it. They create a truly massive expansion of federal regulatory power, and are the first steps toward a command-and-control economy. Responding to Big Tech with Big Government is adding insult to injury—not to mention something I doubt any conservative will be able to support. We don’t need a bigger government—we need to make the one we have work better.” — Senator Lee (R-UT)

Watch Senator Lee introduce the TEAM Act here.

Problems With the House Judiciary Antitrust Bills: