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CT Leads the Way to Protect Children

NetChoice testified in Connecticut yesterday to support legislation designed to increase the protection of children on the Internet. This bill sets Connecticut apart as a leading state to empower parents, educate kids, and actively help law enforcement pursue and control child predators.

This bill is an ambitious and comprehensive package of legislation to better keep our children safe on the Internet. It involves all of the parties that play a necessary role in protecting children online, including parents, teachers, Internet access providers, online companies, law enforcement, and the legislature.

Recent studies indicate that it is at-risk youth that are most vulnerable to online predators. Furthermore, much of the time children actually know the sexual nature behind off-line meetings, yet still meet anyway. The multifaceted approach of this bill, including parental control software and crimes to deter sexual predators, is sound and prudent recognition that there’s no single cure for safety online.
We commend Connecticut for introducing this powerful legislation.