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Debate over social media ‘censorship’ of conservatives is coming to a head in FL Legislature

What the tech companies say

NetChoice, a lobby with members including Amazon, Aol, Google, Facebook, and an array of online retailers, compares the legislation to the old Fairness Doctrine, which used to require broadcasters to air opposing opinions.

“This bill abandons conservative values, violates the First Amendment, and would force websites to host antisemitic, racist, and hateful content. Content moderation is crucial to an internet that is safe and valuable for families and Floridian small businesses, but this bill would undermine this important ecosystem,” Carl Szabo, the organization’s general counsel, said in a written statement.

“SB 7072 is unconstitutional as it compels private businesses to host speech in a blatant violation of the First Amendment. Creating a new Fairness Doctrine for the internet will only make it harder for conservatives to share their news and views online.”