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Defining the Digital Market

Tuesday, April 27th at 1PM ET

Are major digital services monopolies or do they face fierce competition? Join us and our all-star panelists in discussing digital markets

(4.9.21)— We’re pleased to announce our KEYNOTE for this event, Commissioner Christine Wilson of the Federal Trade Commission!

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Are major online businesses monopolies or do they face fierce competition? Do Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok compete against each other or do they have distinct product markets?

Market definition is fundamental to any antitrust analysis, as it informs us what the market we’re investigating looks like. The abundance of overlapping markets online means debates over market definition are hotly contested.

So, how should we define digital markets? Is “big tech” several competing companies? Or are they just monopolies dominating their own separate markets?

Join NetChoice and our panelists as we embark on a journey to define digital markets!

Our special guests:

  • Christine Wilson — Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission
  • Alec Stapp— Director of Technology Policy, Progressive Policy Institute
  • Neil Chilson— Senior Fellow for Technology & Innovation, Stand Together
  • John Yun— Associate Professor, George Mason University
  • Carl Szabo— Vice President, NetChoice

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