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DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google

Carl Szabo, the vice president of Netchoice — an online trade association that represents online platforms including Google — responded by saying the “flawed” lawsuit “could raise phone prices and make it harder for people to get the services they want.”

“The idea that the Google search is the alpha and omega of all search is not just absurd, it’s patently false,” said Szabo.

Szabo said search engines like Bing, Yelp, Angie’s List and Yahoo are proof that consumers have other options. He warned the lawsuit could be a political move just weeks before the election.

“Political pressure on platforms Google runs,” Szabo said. “And political pressure to other platforms saying ‘if you don’t fall in line we’re going to come after you, too.’”

If it’s successful, the lawsuit could force parts of Google’s business to be broken off and run separately.