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Domains Remain in the News

ICANN’s move to incorporate non-Roman characters into Web addresses, namely making domain name suffixes available in foreign language characters, continues to draw concern from industry experts who say that while such options bring more user choice they also raise fears of censorship, security and internet control. In a National Journal Technology Daily story (subscription only), NetChoice’s Steve DelBianco said that the Chinese government might try to assert control over conduct or content of American companies if they are forced to register Chinese versions of their current domains.  Adding, some government such as Russian and Chinese attempts to increase their control of domain suffixes could threaten private-sector management of the Internet.

Speaking of ICANN, the GNSO is issuing a report on domain name tasting after receiving input on a proposal that would include un-doing or amending the 5-day grace period between the time a new domain name is reserved and the time the registration must be paid for. eWeek’s Larry Seltzer suggest that a modest restocking fee would address the problem by ending the free ride.