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Carl Szabo in “Antitrust and the Modern Economy”

Wed, June 19, 2024 9:53 PM – 9:53 PM UTC+0

September 22, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 3:30 pm ET

For the first time in decades, the “consumer welfare standard” for antitrust scrutiny is being seriously challenged by forces on both sides of the political spectrum. On the Left, the Biden administration has appointed unapologetic advocates of aggressive antitrust intervention to head key agencies, and on the right populists have suddenly embraced federal government power as a tool to satisfy their frustrations with “Big Tech.”

But is antitrust even appropriate for innovative industries? What are politicians trying to accomplish by threatening antitrust investigations? Even if the government should have the power to break up large companies, is there any limiting principle?

Join the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) on September 22nd for our virtual policy briefing with a panel of experts for this highly relevant discussion.


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