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Feeling the heat

Several of the world’s most prominent anti-spam organizations are being hit with serious denial of service attacks, a sign that big time spammers are getting so nervous about anti-spam efforts that they are willing to take time out from actual spamming in order to strike back at critics.

A website carrying confidential police information extracted from discarded Ewing Township, NJ government computers has been shut down. But experts see the embarrassing security breach as a timely reminder that carelessly discarded computer equipment can be a gold mine for anyone looking to steal confidential information.

Privacy International, a London-based advocacy group, has accused Google of having the worst privacy practices of any of the Internet’s top destinations. Google responded with a statement saying it stands behind its record of protecting user privacy.

Just two weeks before Vietnam’s president is scheduled to visit the United States, the communist regime has released from prison a prominent government critic it had accused of spying. Nguyen Vu Binh, a former journalist, was one of Vietnam’s first "cyber-dissidents," using the Internet to spread pro-democracy views.