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Florida, Ashley Moody sue Google over antitrust laws … again

On June 30, a federal judge temporarily blocked a state law that would have cracked down on social media companies’ abilities to moderate their platforms. Gov. Ron DeSantis named the bill a priority ahead of the 2021 Legislative Session after Twitter and other prominent social media companies banished then-President Donald Trump and other conservatives from their platforms following the U.S. Capitol riot.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and NetChoice — two D.C.-based tech business associations that include Facebook, Twitter and others — brought that lawsuit. Both groups also include Google.

In a statement, NetChoice Vice President and General Counsel Carl Szabo argued the latest lawsuit against Google would make it harder and more costly for builders to develop for Android.

“By no means is Google forcing consumers into an Android ecosystem,” Szabo said. “Rather, Google has actively made conscious efforts to download and use Google’s competitors on their infrastructure, even if it’s at their own expense.”