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Gamers and Apps Rejoice! Our App Stores Are Safe Today

The Epic v. Apple case has had gamers and journalists glued to their screens, waiting to see how the case will change the future of gaming and digital product stores. Despite having one of the most popular franchises of recent years, gaming giant Epic Games set its cronyism eye on appealing to courts as a scrappy underdog to fight Apple over its App Store. 

Today, NetChoice commended the decision of the Northern District of California in the Epic v. Apple Case to create a permanent injunction

“Protectionism and cronyism are not valid goals of antitrust, and the court’s decision is a reflection of how vigorous competition in the app store market exists to benefit consumers,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “Despite Epic’s razzle-dazzle, the judge saw with clear eyes that Epic Games could not show evidence of consumer harm and failed to show why Apple’s App Store is a monopoly despite it competing with Microsoft, Google, Sony, and even Epic Games itself.” 

“This suit was all about Epic padding their pockets, with no genuine focus on the needs of consumers and gamers. The court’s ruling is evidence that regardless of what Epic wants, antitrust is still focused on protecting consumers,” continued Szabo.