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Gov. Newsom Must Say “No” to CA Tech Bills That Will Fail Families

Last night, the California State Senate approved 3 bills regulating how online platforms operate—AB 587, AB 2879, and AB 2273. This move overrules the welfare of California citizens by passing bills that fail families, dampen economic development and innovation, and violate the First Amendment. 

NetChoice implores Gov. Gavin Newsom to reject these efforts to ignore constitutional and parental rights and destroy innovation in the Golden State. 

“California has been a leader in technology development, but the legislature’s actions would give innovators yet another reason to leave the Golden State to avoid overly burdensome regulation that harms families and violates the First Amendment,” said Jennifer Huddleston, NetChoice Policy Counsel. 

“It’s surprising that California chose to follow the lead of states like Florida and Texas whose laws courts have already found unconstitutional. Californians, not technology companies, are the ones who will truly bear the burden of this,” Huddleston continued.

There are better policy mechanisms to deal with the very real problems parents face in helping young people use the internet safely and understanding complicated issues related to teenage mental health.  

Gov. Newsom should uphold the rights of California residents and parents and reject these unconstitutional efforts that will fail families online.