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A number of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) working groups are attempting to debut internationalized domain names (IDNs) by early 2009, following the formulation of policies to better manage ambiguities.

According to the most recent survey of more than 125 retailers, U.S.consumers will spend $204 billion on online spending in 2008, a 17% increase from 2007.

Data exposure grows more frightening as the amount of malicious software released in the second half of 2007 outpaced the release of legitimate software. Symantec CEO called for the federal government to pass legislation governing data breach notification and standards on how to handle and report an exposure of customer or proprietary data.

Illinois and Texas both have laws on the books relating to Internet safety courses to be taught in public schools, but Virginia is currently the only state to require such courses.

Ticket Master and StubHub dominated the primary and secondary ticket market last month.