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Internet regulation at the price of e-commerce?

The state of Illinois has just ordered Global PayDay Loan, a company that offers loans over the Internet to potential borrowers in all states, to stop issuing loans to state residents. In an opinion piece on CNET News, the broader issue of internet regulation is at the center of Illinois’ decision.

Speculation continues that Russia may have had some part of the denial of service attack on Estonia.

In compliance with a May 21 order from Texas Attorney General, MySpace agreed to turn over the first and last names, email and IP addresses and profile information of users who are registered sex offenders to the AG who will use the information to catch predators who may be breaching terms of parole or probation.

The FBI’s investigation into a data breach that compromised sensitive information on 300,000 people in Illinois this past January is pointing to an outside hacker.   A hacker broke into the computer network at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and accessed a server that held information on about 1.2 million people.

According to a UK report, small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK are being targeted for spam spikes– aggressive attacks – even though overall levels of spam have decreased.