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Look who's "scalping" now

The New York Post has a column slamming the owners of the New York Rangers and Madison Square Garden for scalping their own hockey playoff tickets. According the Post, both a Garden website site and live Rangers broadcasts are urging fans to "bid" on "premium" tickets in an "auction" for whatever home games remain in the NHL playoffs. has the story of a new survey that found cybersquatting, phishing, click fraud, and domain name sharking as the most serious and fastest growing threats to e-commerce, with attacks on brand value by cybersquatters as the most serious problem of all.

ICANN finally may be in the home stretch of its effort to revoke the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) for dysfunctional registrar RegisterFly. After weeks of legal wrangling, US District Court Judge Manuel Real has now issued a preliminary injunction allowing ICANN to terminate the RAA immediately.