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Maryland Gov Signs Kids Code, Upends Privacy, Safety & Constitutional Rights Online

ANNAPOLIS—Today, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed the so-called “Maryland Kids Code” into law. Despite policymakers’ good intentions, this new law fails to provide substantive safeguards for minors’ online safety, raises significant constitutional concerns, impedes free speech on the internet and compromises the privacy of all Marylanders and their children.

“We share lawmakers’ desire to better protect young people online, but this goal can be achieved in ways that don’t violate the Constitution and leave a litany of serious, unintended consequences in their wake. Unfortunately, the law Gov. Moore signed today will fail to accomplish its goal—creating a safer online environment for young Marylanders,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel. 

Szabo continued: “An unconstitutional law will not keep anyone safe. By discounting the rights and privacy of their citizens, Maryland lawmakers have unfortunately signed onto a path that will make everyone worse off—especially children.”

You can read NetChoice’s veto letter to Gov. Moore here.

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