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NetChoice Refutes President Trump’s Attack on The First Amendment 

Steve DelBianco
Steve DelBianco President and CEO

For over two hundred years, America’s First Amendment has protected our ability to say what we think and the media’s ability to curate their point of view. In the age of social media, the First Amendment has been digitized—bringing our news and views and the ability to share them to an online world.

Today, President Trump’s announcement of his intent to sue America’s leading tech businesses showed a deliberate misunderstanding of the First Amendment, and the all-too American principle of free speech. This is why, today, NetChoice opposed the former President’s decision to push government overreach and mislead the conservative movement down the path towards a state-run internet.

“President Trump has no case,” said NetChoice CEO Steve DelBianco, “The First Amendment is designed to protect the media from the President, not the other way around.”

“The First Amendment protects Americans and our media from government control. Mr. Trump’s mistaken view of the First Amendment would empower the government to direct, mandate, and ban political speech on the internet,” continued DelBianco.

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