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MySpace makes pledge to make social networking sites safer

MySpace reaches deal with 49 U.S. Attorneys General to help make social networking sites safer for minors through a combination of online safety tools, enhanced technology, education tools and law enforcement cooperation, according to several news reports.   Industry players have been exploring ways to make the sites safer and have been urging the government, nonprofits and parents to work together with the industry to educate kids and to pursue and control predators.

Domain name tasting is still in the news and has prompted Network Solutions to make changes to current policy about “front-running,” the practice of learning about someone’s interest in a not-yet-created domain name and buying the name before the would-be customer can, allowing them to sell the name at an inflated price to the customer who originally showed interest.  Among the newest changes, according to the Wall Street Journal (subscription only), is new information on its web site notifying visitors that an availability search results in placing the name in reserve for four days. It also made sure that those names held in reserve wouldn’t be made public.