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NetChoice Announces Opposition to Sen. Hawley’s Antitrust Proposals

Today, NetChoice announced its opposition to new plans from Sen. Hawley that would overhaul and politicize American antitrust law.

“Sen. Hawley’s proposals would place the entirety of FTC authority under the control of a single director, giving that person the sole power to dictate the future of American business,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice.

“Rather than protecting the agency from regulatory capture, Sen. Hawley’s proposals would make political abuse more likely — right when concerns are growing over politically motivated antitrust actions.”

“Sen. Hawley’s desire to follow the EU’s approach on antitrust is an abandonment of conservative principles in favor of big government populism,” continued Szabo.
“Contrary to Sen. Hawley’s claims, the FTC is working hard to ensure markets benefit American consumers — allowing tech services to flourish under light-touch regulation that has made them some of the most popular brands in the country.”