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NetChoice Asks Court to Halt Invasion of Privacy Acts That Fail Utahns & Their Families Online

SALT LAKE CITY—Today, NetChoice updated the complaint in our lawsuit against the State of Utah to reflect the new unconstitutional laws passed by the legislature in March, HB 464 and SB 194, which hamper Utahns’ privacy and security and infringes their First Amendment rights. 

“Regrettably, Utah’s government has chosen to double down on its misguided laws that thwart parents, undermine the state’s dynamic creator economy, jeopardize the data security of its citizens and violate  their constitutional rights. Utahns—not the government—should be able to determine how they and their families use technology,” said Chris Marchese, Director of the NetChoice Litigation Center. “We look forward to seeing the State in court.” 

You can find our filing here and case resources for NetChoice v. Reyes here
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