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NetChoice Commends Great Testimony at Senate Commerce Committee on Section 230

Today, NetChoice commended the Senate Commerce Committee for inviting educated experts to its hearing “The PACT Act and Section 230: The Impact of the Law that Helped Create the Internet and an Examination of Proposed Reforms for Today’s Online World.”

“The hearing showed how vital Section 230 is to the internet, small businesses and free expression in today’s digital world,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “All Senators would do well to heed the warnings made by today’s witnesses before taking a chainsaw, scalpel, or pen to Section 230. While the intent of these lawmakers may be pure, the results of their efforts would surely do more harm than good.”

“Today’s hearing was a great example of what hearings on tech issues should look like. The Senate Commerce Committee, interested in the workings of Section 230, invited both an author of the law, and an academic expert on the law and the principles it supports” continued Szabo. “If you fill a room with mostly critics you’ll hear mostly criticism, but if you fill a room with experts you’ll hear expertise. We’re pleased the Senate Commerce Committee chose experts.”