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NetChoice Comments to NTIA Outline Proposals to Keep Kids Safe Online & Respect Constitutional Rights

WASHINGTON—Today, NetChoice filed comments for the record to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) regarding the important issue of kids online health and safety.

“We commend NTIA’s focus on leveraging its unique role as a convener of various stakeholders to learn more about this topic. It is of vital importance to better understand the best ways to keep America’s young people safe online. It is similarly pressing to ensure that these ‘solutions’ don’t have even worse privacy and security risks attached,” said Zachary Lilly, NetChoice Deputy Director of State & Federal Affairs, in the comment. “Keeping our children safe online is of paramount importance, both to NetChoice and to all its member companies. The government, when it understands its proper role, can be a great partner in that effort. We ask NTIA to view the private sector as a partner in solving problems.”

NetChoice’s comments have 5 critical highlights for policymakers:

  1. The practices some of our members employ to keep kids safe online;
  2. The major gap that exists between online reporting and resources for law enforcement, and why this current gap is undermining efforts to keep kids safe online;
  3. How government-mandated online “safety” provisions have already been deemed unconstitutional attempts to regulate online speech by two different federal courts in NetChoice v. Griffin and NetChoice v. Bonta;
  4. Why those same government-mandated “safety” provisions have major privacy and security ramifications for minors; and
  5. Proposals that can both keep kids safe online and respect the constitutional rights of every American.

You can read NetChoice’s comments to NTIA here

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