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NetChoice Concerned By Biden DOJ’s Endorsement of Administrative Power Grab

Since when has big government ever turned down the opportunity to get even bigger? Progressive antitrust proposals from this Congress would undoubtedly make the government, and specifically the Executive branch, even bigger, burdensome, and empowered to direct the lives of Americans and entrepreneurs.

Today, NetChoice raised concerns with a concerning move from President Biden’s Department of Justice: an announcement of support for a bill that would give the DOJ even more power and authority over the American economy.

“The DOJ’s endorsement of S. 2992 falls right in line with the Biden administration’s progressive economic agenda: more government and more regulation resulting in higher prices for hard-working Americans,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President, and General Counsel at NetChoice. “As the President Biden blames the consequences of their economic mismanagement on American businesses, yet again this progressive administration thinks more government will solve America’s problems – obviously, they are wrong.”

“The remaining Republicans who think making government even bigger will solve their concerns about America’s tech industry are mistaken. Instead, their concerns about tech are being used by the Biden administration to push a leftist economic agenda.”