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NetChoice Condemns DOJ’s Politicized Antitrust Crusade Against Google

Today, NetChoice condemned a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice, attacking Google Search for alleged anti-competitive behavior. The claims in the lawsuit, however, are not backed by evidence of consumer harm and they ignore the hugely procompetitive impact of Google Search.

“Google Search might be popular, but it’s no monopoly,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “The Department of Justice’s case strikes out on three pitches: showing consumer harm, market power, or market abuse.”

“The Department’s case stands on shaky ground, convincing only a handful of state Attorney Generals to join, all of them Republicans.”

“When we search online, we have lots of options, such as Yelp, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Google Search. Even when looking at the Search Engine market alone, Google has plenty of competitors, like Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing search, and DuckDuckGo — the fastest growing search engine today,” continued Szabo.

“Yahoo was once considered the king of search but as history shows, no company is invincible. The Justice Department’s desperation and anger have rendered it blind to facts and history.”