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NetChoice: District Court of D.C. Illustrates Our Robust Choice Online

When we want to share news, photos, and updates with our friends and family, we have plenty of online options. From posting baby pictures on Facebook and current affairs discussions on Reddit to the latest dance craze on TikTok—every American has the option to disseminate their news and views on whichever site makes the most sense.

Today, NetChoice agreed with the District Court of the District of Columbia’s latest decision in Federal Trade Commission v. Facebook Inc. 

“Today’s decision by the D.C. District Court reinforces what every American already knows, that there is robust choice and competition online and on social media,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “Activists might say we need new antitrust laws, but the Federal Trade Commission’s departure from tradition into subjective antitrust enforcement has illustrated the very need for our laws to continue to be applied objectively and fairly.”

“Because prosecutor bias and political ambition has no place in the Federal Trade Commission, NetChoice hopes the new Chair continues the agency’s rich tradition of neutral decision-making,” continued Szabo. “It’s quintessentially American to put justice first. All Americans should support today’s facts-first, politics-second decision from the District Court of the District of Columbia. So, when there is no basis for antitrust action under current American antitrust, our courts and our agencies should not be resolving to undermine the consumer welfare standard for political gain.”