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NetChoice: Federal Trade Commission Packs Its Arbitration Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission has a long-standing history of being a neutral arbiter that protects American consumers. Today’s open-meeting highlighted a clear departure from the Commission’s history into the waters of political ambition and progressive policy.

Today, NetChoice disapproved of the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to shed the Mag-Moss rule-making procedural safeguards, which have previously ensured American consumers have input on the decision-making process.

“By disregarding consumers in this way, the Federal Trade Commission is flying in the face of American antitrust and its previous consumer-focused enforcement principles,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “This is a clear move to undermine the rule of law and provide Khan the unilateral power she needs to take away Republican input on investigations.”

“The actions today move the FTC away from focusing on consumer protection while also shutting consumers out from the process. Today’s open meeting should sadden all current and former FTC employees who worked hard to protect its reputation as a body for expert analysis,” continued Szabo. “Within just a couple of days, Chair Khan has made clear this will be a partisan commission that ignores Congressional laws, staff reports, or consumer input.”