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NetChoice Halts Ohio Law: 4th Ruling Stopping Laws That Fail Kids, Parents & Constitution

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Today, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio officially granted NetChoice’s request to halt the state’s unconstitutional Parental Notification by Social Media Operators Act that fails Ohioans and their kids online while our lawsuit, NetChoice v. Yost, moves through the legal system. 

“We appreciate the district court’s thoughtful opinion upholding the First Amendment and decision to prevent regulators from violating the free speech and online privacy rights of Ohioans and their kids as our case proceeds,” said Chris Marchese, Director of the NetChoice Litigation Center. “This is the fourth ruling NetChoice has obtained, demonstrating that this law and others like it in California and Arkansas not only violate constitutional rights, but if enacted, would fail to achieve the state’s goal of protecting kids online. We look forward to seeing these laws permanently struck down and online speech and privacy fully protected across America.”

You can find the court’s ruling here, our request for a preliminary injunction here and a web page detailing our case resources for NetChoice v. Yost here.

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