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NetChoice Launches Ad Campaign to Advance America’s Tech Leadership


WASHINGTON/MILWAUKEE, Wis.—Today, NetChoice, a trade association dedicated to free expression and free enterprise online, launched an advertising campaign to advance America’s global leadership in technological achievements. 

NetChoice initiates these ads after celebrating the 248th anniversary of our great nation’s founding. 

The ads will run nationally including in the Washington, DC and Milwaukee markets across broadcast and digital channels between July 8-19, 2024. 

NetChoice President and CEO Steve DelBianco serves as the star and narrator, explaining that America leads the world in innovative technology “because we’re free.” 

“America is blessed with the world’s greatest innovators. That has happened because the United States has embraced principles of freedom, rather than top-down, heavy handed restrictions on creativity and entrepreneurship,” said DelBianco in a statement. “NetChoice is proud to stand by these principles and vigorously advance America’s tech leadership.” 

DelBianco continued: “Following our recent victory at the Supreme Court, which emphasized our Constitution’s unparalleled protections for free speech, NetChoice launches this campaign to remind folks that embracing core values is critical to America’s success, in the past, today, and to secure our future.

You can WATCH NetChoice’s 30-second ad here

The U.S. tech economy is massive and continuing to boom as American innovators use their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to invent and bring new products to market. Nearly 10 million Americans have jobs as tech professionals, adding more jobs every year. There are more than 600,000 technology businesses in America, and the estimated direct impact of the U.S. tech sector is over $2 trillion. 

America’s founding principles—and the freedoms and innovations they inspire—are worth defending. 

NetChoice has been working for more than 20 years to vigorously defend free expression and free enterprise online. Learn more at

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