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NetChoice Launches Six-Figure Digital & Television Ad Campaign Against JCPA

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Contact: Krista Chavez,

WASHINGTON—Today, NetChoice launched a six-figure digital and television ad campaign in the Washington, D.C. area. The ad will begin running on Fox News, cable and online tomorrow morning in the beltway. It will be focused on educating lawmakers about the devastating consequences of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) that some in Washington are trying to ram through a lame duck Congress without proper oversight.

The thirty second spot, titled “Power Grab,” can be seen here. The new ad depicts the dangers of the JCPA and how it would threaten access to reliable information for everyday Americans if passed.

“The JCPA threatens an independent media by providing specific news outlets with government privileges that will likely increase the government’s ability to pressure such outlets on editorial decisions,” said NetChoice President and CEO Steve DelBianco. “The legislation will harm free speech online by creating a special class of media preferred by the government, while isolating other media outlets that some lawmakers don’t like, including conservative ones.” 

DelBianco continued, “We need to protect an independent media, not undermine it by rushing through crony legislation with minimal scrutiny. The media’s bright future will be created through innovation, not crony capitalism like the JCPA.”

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