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NetChoice Launches Six-Figure Digital & TV Ad Campaign Against OAMA

WASHINGTON—Today, NetChoice launched a six-figure digital and TV ad campaign in the Washington, D.C. area. It will be focused on educating lawmakers about the devastating consequences of the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) that some in Washington are trying to ram through a lame duck Congress without proper order or scrutiny.

The ad campaign will include several educational videos about OAMA. Find a playlist of the videos here. The ads raise various concerns with the bill, including its likely damage to the online security of vulnerable groups like children and the elderly. 

“The Open App Markets Act represents a great threat to the safety and security of Americans online,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice. “World-leading security measures ensure consumers can trust the services they use online, but the Open App Markets Act would restrict these measures and potentially expose Americans to increased fraud, scams and spam on their devices.”

“Consumers are presented with choice and competition online, with options ranging from high-security app stores, using services in their browser or sideloading applications on Android. The Open App Markets Act would harm this consumer choice by forcing every leading app store to host applications which don’t meet standards to ensure app security and quality.

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