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NetChoice Questions The Republican Memorandum on Big Tech Accountability From House Energy & Commerce

Today, NetChoice questioned the memorandum on Big Tech accountability from the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Republican staff. The staff memorandum focuses on potentially amending Section 230 as punishment for alleged harms caused by social media’s content moderation and targeted advertising.

“If lawmakers from either party want to clean up explicit, extreme, and harassing content online, they should defend Section 230 — the law that helps sites balance free expression and online safety,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice.

“By restricting consumer and business freedom, this proposal would reduce choice and quality for American consumers and leave America lagging in the race against other global technology competitors,” continued Szabo. “This proposal is a retreat from conservative values and puts key principles such as free enterprise and limited government at risk, all while harming key tools conservatives use to reach American voters.”