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NetChoice Raises Opposition to Yet Another Democratic Proposal to Control the Internet

Washington, D.C. (May 12): Politicians in Washington have tasked themselves with “doing something” about tech for over half a decade, but proposals are often just big government passion projects that often break the constitution and rarely would do anything to address what American consumers want from tech regulation. Sen. Bennet (D-CO)’s new proposal unfortunately continues that trend by arguing that we need to expand an oversized federal bureaucracy with a new agency tasked with a vague goal of keeping tech to account.

Today, NetChoice opposed Sen. Bennet’s new proposal.

“Setting up a Ministry of Truth wasn’t enough for progressives. They want to expand the federal government in every possible way that gives politicians more control over the internet,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel at NetChoice.

“Both the administration and progressives in Washington have already proven they’re willing to use executive power to control free speech online. Those who care about keeping the internet free and competitive should oppose continued efforts to give the government more control over our digital lives.”

“The federal government has no shortage of resources when it comes to regulation— FTC, NTIA, and DOJ to name a few. Senator Bennett’s focus should instead be on the proper use of those resources and reasserting Congressional authority over preexisting commissions that have devolved into partisan rancor like the FTC.”