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NetChoice Raises Opposition Towards the House Majority’s Antitrust Report

Today, NetChoice raised opposition to the House Majority’s antitrust report headed by Chairman of House Judiciary, Representative David Cicilline. The report as distributed lacks any Republican support and its investigation comes to the misguided conclusion that Congress should break up Big Tech.

“Clearly there is no bipartisan support for the Democrat’s report. Despite holding leadership of the majority, the Democrats and Chairman Cicilline failed to find a single Republican Committee Member to cosign, forcing Democrats to stand alone in recommending policies that blatantly manipulate antitrust law,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel of NetChoice.

“The Democrats’ policies are so extreme that they would make it illegal for Costco to sell its Kirkland brand and Netflix to produce its original programming. The Democrats’ proposals are so harmful they stand to stifle small businesses and put cronyism ahead of consumer interests,” continued Szabo.

“If this is the best antitrust case that Democrats can make, it’s clear there is no case to be made to break up America’s best tech companies. This report is the Democratic policy agenda masking hyperpartisanship as antitrust law so much so that they face two objecting reports from Republicans and risk undermining the amazing American antitrust policy that makes America’s economy the envy of the world.”