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NetChoice Reaffirms Congressional Decision to Exclude Section 230 Repeal from the National Defense Authorization Act

Today, NetChoice reaffirmed its support for Congress’s decision not to include any amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Content moderation in a defense bill not only would be completely unrelated to the issues at hand, but also would undermine the good faith debate in Washington over how online services moderate user-created content.

“The President’s vetoing of the NDAA unless it includes a repeal of Section 230 is a strong-arm tactic to circumvent thoughtful lawmaking,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel of NetChoice. “Including Section 230 in the NDAA undermines the future of e-commerce and free expression online. Congress is right to demand that a law as important as Section 230 get proper and thoughtful debate, through regular order.”

“While President Trump has led calls to repeal or change Section 230, many in Congress want to maintain the widespread benefits the law provides to small businesses, vulnerable groups, and free speech online,” continued Szabo. “We hope that Congress continues to refute the radical measures proposed by President Trump as Congress continues to discuss the future of the internet.”

“We will continue to fight to maintain Section 230’s empowerment of free expression and online safety. NetChoice is excited to help Congress both address its concerns over content moderation in 2021 and better understand the fundamental importance of Section 230 in making an internet by the people, for the people.”