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NetChoice Releases Second Video In New Antitrust Series: “Defending The Consumer Welfare Standard”

With new pushes in the Senate that will inevitably crush online services and administrative agencies jam packed with radically progressive appointees who want to break up businesses without a back-up plan, antitrust has become a problem without a consumer-friendly solution.

Today, NetChoice released its second video in a three-part series explaining how American antitrust works. This video expands on the core concept of the consumer welfare standard to explain how consumers will be harmed in a world where antitrust enforcement is misused. Today, the consumer welfare standard exists to protect consumers. But attempts to overturn it will increase prices, enable dangerous products and actors, and lower the speed of innovation — all things that will harm consumers.

“Some politicians trying to overturn the consumer welfare standard are prioritizing their political ambitions over the needs of their constituents. Digital markets are some of the most competitive and have continued to develop consumer-focused and consumer-benefiting services that consumers love to use,” said Robert Winterton, Director of Public Affairs at NetChoice.

“When Americans love, benefit, and rely on online services, lawmakers in Washington should focus on more urgent issues of the day rather than trying to rewrite the consumer welfare standard,” continued Winterton. “Congress needs to put the needs of Americans over their passion projects before they cede economic ground to foreign competitors or unintentionally harm our security and privacy online.”

You can find the NetChoice video on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

NetChoice is a trade association that works to fight for free expression and free enterprise online.