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NetChoice’s Braden Cox Appointed to NTIA Online Safety and Technology Working Group

NetChoice has long been one of the leading industry advocates for protecting children online. We believe that a combination of education, empowerment, and enforcement is the most effective way to keep our kids safe in an Internet-enabled world, while also balancing the educational and social benefits of new technology.


That’s why we are thrilled that one of our own, Braden Cox, has been asked by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to participate in its Online Safety and Technology Working Group (OSTWG). At the conclusion of the OSTWG’s term, the OSTWG will provide a report to Congress on ways to promote and to preserve a safe environment for children using the Internet.


Braden, NetChoice’s policy counsel, will lend his point of view and considerable expertise to the OSTWG. He’s spearheaded NetChoice’s efforts to educate policymakers and promote comprehensive solutions to address a variety of online child safety issues.


From creating model legislation that served as the inspiration for laws in Georgia, Louisiana, and Indiana; to testifying as a witness on Internet safety issues in a number of states; to participating on Missouri Governor Matt Blunt’s task force on Internet harassment, Braden and NetChoice have been at the front of this important, emotional, and often contentious debate.  With Braden’s appointment to the Working Group, our member companies’ interests will be well-represented in the coming report.