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News from NY, news from ICANN

The New York state Senate passed legislation Tuesday intended to protect teenagers who use social-networking sites from online predators.  AG Cuomo’s proposal would ban thousands of the state’s sex offenders from communicating with minors online.

New York’s Attorney General wants to require online companies to collect sales taxes from shoppers in New York, whether the companies are in New York or not. 

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a consortium of cybersecurity firms and Web businesses, is pushing a new initiative to streamline the process of permanently deleting fraud sites from the Internet. APWG is crafting a system that would accredit security organizations to act as the Web’s watchdogs, identifying phishing sites. The flagged sites are then pulled from registries and so banished from the Internet.  The plan is drawing controversy. Critics say that shortening the time it takes to pull the plug on a site could lead to innocent victims.