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Online ticket re-selling… the rest of the story

The Washington Post had an interesting story over the weekend about the increasing popularity of online ticket re-sale sites. But the Post article overlooked an important part of the story. There is a big difference between the arrangements some teams have made to help fans sell their tickets conveniently online and the rules that other teams are trying to impose that threaten fans with loss of their season tickets if they try to sell them anywhere but on a site controlled by the team. Some teams apparently understand that fans should have the right to sell their unused tickets wherever they want and at whatever price the free market determines. Other teams apparently want to control the re-sale market and, of course, make sure they get their cut of every transaction. Online ticket re-sale sites and safe, reliable, and by far the most efficient way to establish fair prices for tickets that fans need to sell. As the Post article points out, more and more states are getting rid of their outdated “anti-scalping” laws. It’s time for the teams to get with the program and stop trying to intimidate season ticket holders and other loyal fans.