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Only in it for the money

More from Symantec’s latest security report. The days of posting malware purely for the sake of notoriety are over. Hackers are more interested in making money than in making mischief, and virtually every attack on the Internet is now associated with some type of personal data theft.

Meanwhile, a study of more than eight million websites by Symantec competitor McAfee found that sites in Singapore (.sg) are among the least likely in the world to be infected with spam, viruses, and pop up ads.

E-Commerce Times has a story about an FBI report released last week that finds Internet auction fraud accounting for close to half of all online complaints, followed by complaints about non-delivery, credit card fraud, computer intrusions, and spam.

Google has always refused to sell ads on its famous white search page, but now there are reports that thanks to spyware Cingular Wireless and Travelocity ads appeared on last month without Google’s consent.