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Stories of interest today

According to the AP the University of California, Los Angeles alerted about 800,000 current and former students, faculty and staff on Tuesday that their names and certain personal information were exposed after a hacker broke into a campus computer system. It was one of the largest such breaches involving a U.S. higher education institution.

Wilmington (NC) Morning Star reports that criminals are not the only ones profiting from identity theft. Financial institutions are making money, too. And that can come as a surprise to unsuspecting customers.

According to, Internet security firm McAfee, Inc. says search engine users are at a considerable risk of visiting unsafe sites because search engines do not have fool-proof systems to alert the users against such sites.

The latest example of cyber extortion. CNetNews reports that after visiting a cybercafe, a Hotmail user returned to find the Web mail account empty except for a note demanding payment for the return of the messages and address book.