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Stories to check out today

The proposed .XXX domain is back in the news. Quite a few outlets are carrying stories about ICANN’s decision to revive the proposal to create what Forbes calls an "online red light district" but with new restrictions prohibiting child pornography and requiring labeling of websites carrying sexually explicit material.

Identity theft remains a hot news topic. WTOP reports on a bill to be introduced Wednesday in the Virginia legislature that would require potential victims to be notified of any breach of security whenever personally identifiable information is hacked or stolen from a government or private agency. A similar measure has just been signed into law in Michigan.

The Register reports on a new proposal in the UK that might deter cybersquatting by requiring the loser in a domain name dispute to pay the winner’s legal expenses.

Saturday’s New York Times has an important article on the increasingly
sophisticated programs being used by cybercrooks to secretly capture personal computers and turn them into "zombies" unwittingly distributing spam and stealing personal data.