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The App Store Ecosystem is Incredibly Competitive, NetChoice Argues in Google v. Carr Brief

SAN FRANCISCO—Today, NetChoice, along with Chamber of Progress, filed an amicus brief in the case Google v. Carr, explaining how competitive and good for consumers the marketplace for app stores is. 

In this case, a class of 21 million people are seeking more than one billion dollars in damages against Google for alleged antitrust violations in its Google Play app store. Yet, these allegations stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of the app ecosystem and the vibrant competition happening between app stores as they attempt to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. 

“Google’s Play Store competes with many other app stores, such as Sony, Apple, Opera, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon and more. This is what a vibrant, competitive marketplace looks like,” said NetChoice Litigation Center Director Chris Marchese. “Meanwhile, developers have earned over $120 billion on the Play Store—creating jobs and boosting the overall economy. The marketplace is competitive, innovative and delivering for American consumers.”

You can read the NetChoice and Chamber of Progress filing here.

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