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The Open App Markets Act Still Has Significant Legislative Failings

Last month, we saw the American Innovation and Choice Online Act rush through the Senate Judiciary Committee with little to no substantive discussion over its significant legislative failings. This month, we’re seeing the same happen with the Open App Markets Act—another bill deserving of hearings and the input of economists, security experts, and businesses.

NetChoice is disappointed in the lack of public input and the failure to fix the significant issues the Open App Markets Act and its manager’s amendment has. NetChoice is opposed to the passage of the Open App Markets Act through committee.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee has targeted America’s most successful and globally competitive businesses with yet another rushed resolution that threatens the privacy and security of Americans,” said Carl Szabo, Vice President and General Counsel for NetChoice. “When Americans are facing school shutdowns, supply chain crises, and devastating inflation, the Senate Judiciary Committee has not provided solutions. Instead, they’re focusing on two bills that target the American businesses that keep our country leading the world.”

“Lawmakers are forgetting the power of America’s free markets and inserting itself into the private business of companies at the detriment of our competitive edge and global leadership in tech,” continued Szabo. “Our Senators need to remember how America is the most innovative, competitive, and entrepreneurial nation on the planet before they push through legislation that would achieve the opposite.”