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Threats and Vulnerabilities

International domain names could be the next cyber-crime target.  In an eWeek opinion piece, Larry Seltzer sheds light on how dangerous the threat that phishing domains will likely be as countries pursue alternative roots and work to secure international top-level domain names.

A database attack, or SQL injection was the cause of 70,000 web pages being hacked by malicious code between Dec. 28 and Jan. 5.  The intrusions, which occurred by asking for user input then failing to put strict checks on what that input may be, represent a whole new level of threat to users on the Internet. Instead of the launching the attack through a virus or worm at individual computers, it invaded Web databases, used them to host its malicious code and distribute it every time site visitors sought information beyond a home page or product page.

Many states have moved to ban the interstate sale of wine by retailers, a restriction that is impacting consumers who are looking to purchase wines online, the LA Times reports.