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Three stories to read today

CNet reports that Google is now offering domain name registration services in partnership with GoDaddy and eNom.  Businesses can register for domain names including: .biz, .net, .org, etc. for a fee of 10 dollars a year.

DomainInformer  is reporting that "real estate" on the web is a booming business.  The practice of buying a domain name, fixing it up, and re-selling it, is garnering big financial rewards.  According to ICANN, the domain name aftermarket, in which an established domain name is sold for its name recognition, is becoming more profitable than the domain name market itself.

According to DM News, FEDMA (the European association for online marketing) has announced that it will adopt a code on spyware and intrusive downloads, similar to the US, in an effort to boost trust in e-commerce.