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Ticket re-selling now legal in New York

Governor Eliot Spitzer has signed legislation eliminating all pricing restrictions on the resale of tickets. “Scalping laws did not make sense… this will be good for the venues, good for consumers and good for the artists,” Spitzer said. The new law does require anyone selling more than five tickets to an event to purchase a state license.

A new McAfee study has found that search terms related to music and technology are the most likely to return sites with spyware and other malicious code. Some 42 percent of results using the term "screensavers," for example, led to dangerous sites. Other keywords found to be especially risky include the names of popular file-sharing programs.

A new report claims that more than 10,000 cybersquatting domains are infringing on the trademarks of top U.S. retail bank websites, Capital One Financial tops the list with 2,519 cybersquatters, followed by Wachovia with 2,318.

At least one security expert isn’t so sure that the Russian government is responsible for the denial of service attacks that crippled the Internet infrastructure of the tiny Baltic nation of Estonia back in April.