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Utah – Don’t Make a U-Turn Away from Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing companies like Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar are transforming how we travel.  Everyday, ride-sharing provides Utahns with rides on demand via the press of a button and these rides come with the safety and security of knowing the driver’s name, photo, and ratings.  

These services allow Utah citizens to turn their car into a source of income. Their presence reduces traffic congestion and DUIs. And these services illuminated the inadequacies of a taxicab system that has not changed much since the introduction of the Model T.

But rather than looking in the mirror at their own deficiencies and taking the opportunity to improve, the taxicab monopoly has cried foul and decided to blame its troubles on the marketplace.  One of the biggest criticisms from the taxi industry is that ride-sharing companies are “playing by a different set of rules and regulations.”

Earlier this year, Utah passed SB 294 that created a common sense regulatory framework requiring ride-sharing drivers to comply with the same insurance requirements as taxis. 

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