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Washington’s Elites Miss What Voters Really Care About

It’s often said our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is a bubble disconnected from everyday Americans — a place where unrelatable intellectuals and politicians determine the future of our nation. And while that’s probably an overstatement, the latest antitrust report from House Judiciary only perpetuates this stereotype. Inside the House Judiciary report lies not only a fundamental disconnect with the chief concerns of everyday Americans, but also a disconnect with how we use the internet and what the average American wants our government to tackle.

Take the average Washington politico. They wheel and deal on their Apple devices, search on Google, and deliver through Amazon — using, in essence, some of the internet’s most convenient applications. And because they focus on speed and accessibility, Washingtonians seem to focus on only four ways that people use the internet: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. So naturally, the House Judiciary report perpetuates how Washingtonians use the internet to declare each of these distinct companies “monopolies”. We need only look slightly outside the Beltway bubble to know that’s not exactly the case.

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