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Whois still a hot topic

How much information to require in the Whois database continues to be a hot topic at the ICANN meeting now winding down in Lisbon.  AP is reporting that ICANN will create a new working group that will look for ways to protect the privacy of individuals and small businesses while still requiring that all domain name holders provide complete and accurate information to Whois.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s ICANN vote on whether to authorize the ‘.xxx’ domain,  MSNBC and others are running stories outlining arguments on all sides of the controversial issue.

CircleId and other sources are reporting that lawsuits brought against ICANN and disgraced domain name registrar Registerfly will be combined into a class action with at least 75,000 potential plaintiffs eligible to join.

It also turns out that when ICANN finally terminated Registerfly’s accreditation earlier this month it did so just one day after finding out that it was also named in lawsuits filed by customers who lost their valuable domain names when Registerfly imploded.