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4 takeaways from POLITICO’s first tech summit

3. Silicon Valley’s lobbyists don’t quite get what D.C. wants. “We get the scapegoating that goes on with tech,” said NetChoice CEO Steve DelBianco, whose group represents companies including Facebook, Amazon and Google. “But what is the signal that we’re supposed to be learning amid all the noise? We just want to understand what it is that D.C. really wants from Silicon Valley.” He said the tech industry is looking for “clearer, broad signals that enjoy consensus support from both parties.” Snowden with the Internet Association sounded a similar tune: “We have to agree on the problem we’re trying to solve,” he said. “We have many proposals that are out there and they compete with one another.”

— DelBianco of Netchoice said he’d be open to only one antitrust reform: codifying the consumer welfare standard, the interpretation of antitrust law that has allowed the big tech companies to achieve their current size.