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NEW NETCHOICE POLL: 84% of Americans, 92% of Republicans Think Coming Amazon Lawsuit is a Waste of Resources

WASHINGTON—Today, a new National Research, Inc. poll, commissioned by NetChoice, shows that Americans, particularly the politically important suburbs, reject the Biden administration’s approach to business, especially as it relates to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) anticipated lawsuit against Amazon. 

As campaigns look to issues that voters care about and policymakers consider priorities, this poll had some very telling figures. It revealed that American voters are very supportive of the free market, and they want the government to stop wasting time and resources attacking beneficial services.

Clearly, suburban residents agree: over two-thirds (68%) want their elected officials to oppose the lawsuit.

73% of all respondents said they support the American free market system and that it should operate largely without interference. Meanwhile, 77% of Republicans and 62% of suburban respondents said this forthcoming lawsuit against Amazon is “big government overreach” and more likely to harm consumers than benefit them. 

“Americans, and particularly suburban voters, do not buy what the Biden administration is selling, and they want to see 2024 candidates prioritizing American freedom and markets, not increases in federal power,” said Carl Szabo, NetChoice Vice President & General Counsel. 

Szabo continued: “This forthcoming FTC lawsuit against Amazon attacks the very business practices that help Americans find affordable goods and services. This poll shows that Americans understand that government attacks on the businesses consumers love is bad for them and for the economy, and the data show they won’t reward the politicians propping up these radical actions.”  

You can find our polling top lines here and below, a memo from National Research, Inc., on the polling here, and the full crosstabs here

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Source: National Research, Inc. Polling. Commissioned by NetChoice. N = 1200 National Registered Voter Survey. Margin of Error: +/- 2.83%. Data Collection Method: Online. Field Dates: August 9-11, 2023.


#1: 84% of Americans and 92% of Republicans say the government should have better things to do than attacking Amazon.

#2: 77% of conservatives, 60% of total respondents, and 62% of suburban residents said the FTC’s reported lawsuit against Amazon is “big government overreach” and more likely to harm consumers than benefit them. Only 23% supported the government’s lawsuit.

#3: 73% of respondents support the American free market system and that it should operate largely without interference. 52% said when the government intervenes, it should do so to protect consumers from fraudulent businesses.

#4: 65% of respondents said their elected official should oppose the FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon. This number rose in suburban areas where 68% of respondents said their elected officials should oppose the lawsuit. A massive 77% of Republicans said the same.

#5: 48% said the FTC is doing a mediocre or poor job at acting in their best interest. 34% said the FTC is doing a good job, and 8% said the FTC is doing an excellent job.

#6: The Federal Trade Commission was the second most unpopular agency in the U.S. government that NetChoice tested among conservatives, with a net rating of -33%, coming second only to the DOJ.

#7: 68% of Americans and 79% of conservatives said the government should be focused on businesses and industries conducting “true fraud and malpractice”, rather than companies like Amazon that are simply conducting business.

#8: Americans love their membership services. Of current Amazon Prime subscribers, 52% have a membership at their local grocery store, 37% have CVS Extracare membership, 38% have Costco membership, 33% have Sam’s Club membership, and 26% have Walmart+.

#9: The lawsuit against Amazon creates opposition to the FTC’s existing approach to business policy. 68% said a loss of speedy delivery options resulting from the lawsuit would make them oppose the FTC’s business policy approach. 65% said growing the power the government has to regulate businesses made them feel the same. 62% disapproved of recent changes in guidelines toward an ideological stance by the agency.